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Last additions - 13th Intake Busselton Reunion
Red Faces Night1242 viewsThe well deserved winner receiving his prize of possum shit and gum leaves.Apr 16, 2007
Bruce Chalmers, Chester Chance and Frank Eastwell1276 viewsApr 16, 2007
Red Faces Night1409 viewsNed the French Stud singing "Alouette "Apr 16, 2007
Red Faces Night1438 viewsPete Lamb and Fred House singing "Old McDonalds Farm"Apr 16, 2007
BBQ 1st Night1281 viewsNed, Shang and Lucii (notice who's hogging the camera)Apr 16, 2007
Busselton Harbour1288 viewsWhat a great sunset ... spoiled by Ron Ginby, Peter Lamb and Geoff O'CallaganApr 16, 2007
Heckle and Jeckle?1264 viewsBruce Chalmers and Tony McRaeApr 16, 2007
1477 viewsFrank Eastwell, Bob Dunlop and Peter BlakeApr 16, 2007
Lunch Margaret River1444 viewsGuntons, Kellys and WilliamsonsApr 16, 2007
Red faces night1364 viewsShang Moffitt and Bob Dunlop looking ugly and bastardising every song known to man. Make up your own mind what Peter Lamb was doing.Apr 16, 2007
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